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4 ways to bring nature home

Greenery adds harmony and elegance to every room. To succeed with your indoor plants, you only need to know some basics – here are our best tips to help you decorate with plants.

Tip 1: Make your plants the centre of attention

To create a wow effect with your greenery is easier than you might think. Start by choosing the best house plants for your place, is the room filled with sunshine or do you need to select plants that need little light? Try to find plants in different sizes and shapes for an impressive décor and add a refining touch to your home furniture and accessories. Now, follow these steps for a little something extra:

• Spoil your plants with new pots for an easy style makeover.
• Replant to a bigger pot if your plant is growing bigger, or separate it in two if possible – this way you'll get more greenery and your plants get more room to grow.
• Place your plants on side tables and pedestals to make sure everyone is eye-catching.

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Tip 2: Place your plants in levels

There are many beautiful ways to display your greenery, work with levels to create an indoor garden that feels rich and spacious. This is also a way to make a space look bigger, which is perfect for smaller apartments. Use your imagination when placing your plants, or take a peek below for inspiration:

• Add hanging or climbing plants for variation.
• Group according to size: from small cactus plants to big palm plants, pair them for a decluttering feeling.
• Add a few large statement plants to impress. If your room is lacking in natural light, add an artificial plant. It's easy to find fake house plants that look just as good as real ones.

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Tip 3: Grow new plants by taking cuttings 

Show off your green fingers by taking cuttings from your favourite plants. This is a fun way to find a use of your vases and to get new baby plants. When cutting, the stems should have a length of about 10 cm. 

• Use small glass vases in different shapes and colours to showcase your cuttings.
• Running out of vases? No worries! Use vine glasses, small pots or empty bottles as vases for a personal touch.
• Trade cuttings with your friends or give away as gifts – a gesture that's always appreciated.

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Tip 4: Give your plants the best type of care

Don't forget to take care of your plants to make them live longer. There are a few easy rules to remember:

• Indoor plants need less water in winter, make sure to check the soil before watering so you don't over-water.
• Give your plants sunshine all year by using sheer curtains for more light.
• Use a damp rag to keep your plants clean, or put the whole plant in the shower to give new life to your beloved greenery.
• During summer, bring nature home with freshly cut flowers for a lush look and lovely scent.