H&M Take Care

Tips and hacks on how to repair, remake and refresh your clothes to make them last longer.

Caring for your silks

No 21/79

Silk is a naturally delicate fabric and needs to be...

Zipper getting stuck

No 32/79

If your zipper keeps getting stuck withou...

Caring for your cotton

No 20/79

Cotton withstands most and can be washed, dri...


No 12/79

Steam is a quick and easy alternative to ironing...

Stay put

No 29/79

Elusive zippers are easy to fix...

Zip it

No 17/79

Read this closely to prevent your clothes from ge...

Jacket hacks

No 72/79

Tired of your trusty old friend yet not quite read…

Caring for your denim

No 24/79

Denim tolerates both washing and drying pretty…

Gum be gone

No 40/79

Gum on your shoes…

Pump up your pumps!

No 79/79

Breathe new life into old shoes and give your loo…

Taking care of synthetics

No 25/79

Every synthetic material is different, some of the…

Chewing gum trouble

No 52/79

Gum magically disappears in the kitchen…

Hemming hack

No 35/79

No time to hem your favourites properly? Here’s…

Drawstrings attached

No 31/79

Pulled a little too hard on your favourite hoodie…

From maxi to mini

No 77/79

A bit tired of your maxi dress? Turn it into a mini…

Broken necklace

No 27/79

Necklace too small or clasp broken? No need for…

Stamp stains away!

No 61/79

Do any of your favorite items suffer from stubbo…

Refresh your whites

No 53/79

Here’s a sweet-smelling old-school tip for all thos…

Short or long sleeves? Both!

No 70/79

Get the best of both worlds by mixing sleeves…

Make-up be gone

No 51/79

Pretty on your face, not so pretty on your clothes…

Air it out

No 65/79

Caring for leather

No 22/79

Leather is a hard-wearing natural material, but…

Earring emergency

No 26/79

Lost the little stud on the back again…

Bling it up

No 73/79

Make your outfit truly unique with the help of…

Lipstick stain

No 50/79

Tough, but not impossible. We’ll take it step by st…

Ironing cotton and linen

No 14/79

Linen and cotton can be ironed at th…

Reboot your boots

No 63/79

Why buy new boots when upgrading the ones yo…

Earn your stripes

No 1/79

Playful tee upgrade

No 60/79

Annoying stains or holes on your kid’s favorite te…

Bling it up

No 78/79

Create an accessory as unique as you are. It’s qui…

Deconstruct your denim

No 58/79

Skinny goes culottes…

Materials pro tip

No 19/79

Avoid mixing materials in the washing machine…

Fix that button

No 34/79

Is the button on your favourite shirt almos…

Keep microfibres out of the ocean

No 6/79

Jean genius

No 76/79

Cut the cuffs off your denim jacket and use them…

Ironing a shirt

No 16/79

Nothing beats the feeling of a freshly ironed shir…

Fix your frays

No 75/79

Rip your denim on purpose – intentionally torn, e…

Expand your trousers

No 30/79

Give yourself an extra inch or two when expecti…

Make a mess

No 23/79

Taking care of wool

No 18/79

Wool keeps clean for long without washing. Its a…

Go overboard

No 2/79

Less has never been more, right…

Less washing, more airing

No 10/79

Avoid washing your clothes too often, stick to th…

Upgrade your top

No 69/79

Do stains or holes keep you from wearing a blous…

Stains from food

No 49/79

Do stains or holes keep you from wearing a blous…

Ironing pro tip

No 11/79

Be kind to your clothes and iron them properly…

Elegant edge

No 57/79

Party in the back and business up front is the wa…

Pilling pro tip

No 33/79

Knitted favourites tend to be prone to pilling, unf…

Coffee stain

No 54/79

Quick! A dried coffee stain is next-to-impossible…

Hemming a pair of jeans

No 13/79

Hemming jeans with style is easy…

Runner in pantyhose

No 28/79

Quickly fix a runner in your nylons…

Sew a reinforced button

No 38/79

Make your button rock solid with some extra sup…

When you can’t choose

No 56/79

Transform your favourite two into one new classi…

Shoes too small

No 42/79

Don’t take any extreme measures, a pair of dam…

Toothpaste stain

No 48/79

When you find yourself with toothpaste all over…

Mending your jeans

No 44/79

Might sound complicated, is basic. Make sure you…

Farewell to smell with vinegar

No 55/79

Vinegar is an excellent ally in your fight against s…

Blood stain

No 47/79

Drying wet shoes

No 43/79

Clean sneakers

No 37/79

Never throw your beloved ones in the washing m…

Always treat your stains

No 45/79

Don’t wash your clothes without treating th…

Twice the tights

No 36/79

Have a runner in your nylons? In more than one p…

Sew in a button

No 9/79

Silver + denim = true!

No 74/79

Here are two things that one never grows ti…

Snow white

No 64/79

Are your favourite whites not quite white…


No 68/79

Speak your mind (without moving your lips)…

Stitches of style

No 71/79

Stitch some new art on an old sweater and j…

Take the smell out

No 41/79

Shoes that get little rest sometimes need h…

Washing your wool

No 3/79

Wash colder

No 5/79

Wash colder

No 66/79

Chocolate stain

No 46/79

Clean laces

No 39/79

A new pair of shoe laces makes all the differ…

Drying wool

No 4/79

Ecofriendly washing

No 7/79

Clean laces

No 62/79

Show your kids’ favourite clothes some extr…

Ironing synthetics

No 15/79

Synthetic fibres don’t crease or wrinkle a lo…

Laundry pro tip: Don’t do it!

No 8/79

Patch things up

No 59/79

Give an old favourite a little new attention…

Pinning is winning

No 67/79

A pin or a loose decoration + safety pin is all…