Our cotton explained

Cotton is natural, renewable and biodegradable, as well as super-soft on the skin. Pretty much anything you could wish for when it comes to a textile fibre. Unfortunately, it's also a thirsty crop linked to high water and chemical use that affect both the soil and the farmers working in the cotton fields. That's why all our cotton is now sourced more sustainably.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton needs 62% less energy and 91% less water usage compared to conventional cotton. It's grown without chemical pesticides or fertilisers and contains no genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This leads to improved soil condition, lower greenhouse gas emissions, stronger biodiversity and better health among the cotton growers. It's better for you, the farmers and the environment. We're the world's biggest users of organic cotton!

Recycled cotton

Old garments and textile leftovers (like worn-out jeans from garment collecting boxes), are ground into fibres, spun into new yarns and woven into new fabrics. Recycled cotton is brilliant because it stops material from going to landfill and reduces the use of virgin raw material.

Cotton sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is a non-profit organisation that trains cotton farmers to use water efficiently, care for natural habitats, reduce the use of harmful chemicals and respect the rights of workers. Cotton from BCI farms may be mixed with conventional cotton along the way, that's why we can't put a BCI-tag on our clothes. By sourcing cotton through BCI, we're supporting this global initiative and keeping up the demand for Better Cotton. The aim is for BCI to reach five million farmers and account for 30% of all cotton production by the end of 2020. High five!

Why isn't all your cotton organic?

We're the world's largest user of organic cotton, but it's not the only cotton we use. Learn why.

Organic cotton accounts for less than 1% of all the cotton produced in the world. We buy more than that, so only buying organic wouldn't be possible. It'll take time to scale up organic cotton production, but it's our ambition to make it happen as soon as possible, which is why we're one of the founding partners of Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA). OCA is working to create a thriving organic cotton market that's good for people and the planet. Every time a farmer switches to organic cotton, OCA envisions a positive ripple effect; farmers earn more while communities flourish and the soils remain fertile for future generations.

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Did you know?

Since 2015 we've only used virgin down from farms certified according to the Responsible Down Standard (in a nutshell: farms with strong animal welfare principles). And we're the world's biggest buyer of this type of down.

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