Kids room guide

Our guide to the best kids’ room ideas

How to create a warm and creative room for children

Your kid’s room should both inspire your kids to be creative and serve as a place for relaxation and tranquility. Combining these two functions in one room can have its challenges, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to let your imagination run wild. And why not also include your kids when styling their getaway? 

Keep the room clutter-free 

It’s a classic among most parents. Getting more toys, books, and puzzles than you thought was ever possible. Our suggestion is to take a good look at all these things that are overflowing your kid’s room, giving away the ones that are no longer being used. 

Ok, so now you’ve done this, but what about the rest? From our experience, kids enjoy their toys more when they have their own place and are not just crammed into a box underneath the bed. Creating an excellent storage solution will make for a better environment for everyone involved. 

Storing the inevitable clutter is easily done with some beautiful boxes and baskets. Our suggestion is to have one box or basket per specific toy type. So, keep all the toy cars in one box, dolls in another, etc. By doing so you will free up more space in the room, while also making it easier to know where all things are housed.  

As for books, puzzles and decorations, they can be placed on shelves that are easily accessible for both children and parents. Adding shelves (and art prints) on the walls is also an excellent way to tie the room together, while also being a great way to keep the room clutter-free. 

Kids room guide

Spruce things up with cute decorations 

Decorations are great for adding that extra touch to your kid’s room. By utilizing them correctly, you will be able to elevate the room from the ordinary to the extraordinary. And it’s also fun!  

What are your child’s interests? Maybe it’s animals, space, or just something cute and fun? Now it’s time to find a decoration that matches your kids' preference while also adding that extra dazzle to the room.  

Thankfully, there are many great decorations to choose between. Take your pick from a braided wall decoration, a planet-decorated bunting to animal-shaped wooden hooks, where they can hang their clothes instead of throwing them on a chair. 

Growing plants is something that many kids find exciting. So, why not consider getting a cute animal-like plant pot and then filling it with soil and planting a seed? Now you have something that will look cute and become a fun activity for the whole family.  

Transform the bedroom into a cushion paradise 

One thing that you almost never can have enough of is cushions on your kid’s bed. Actually, the bed isn’t the only place where a pillow fills a function as they work equally well on a chair or, crazy as it might sound, on the floor as that is where a lot of playing and reading goes on. 

When deciding what cushions to fill your kid’s room with, you’ll have plenty of options. A blue muslin seat cushion might, for example, be a good alternative if you have a maritime theme. Or, if it’s more of an animal theme going on in your kid’s room, you might want to opt for a teddy bear or elephant-shaped cushion. The options are close to endless. 

Adding pillows will most definitively transform your kid’s bedroom into a soft and warm surrounding where you can read bedtime stories all night long. Or at least until your child falls asleep. 

Kids room guide

Toys can be both fun and well designed 

We are firm believers that toys can be both fun for kids and an excellent decoration detail in your home. So, away with the cheap plastic toys that will inevitably break, and in with soft quality toys instead.

From our experience, almost all children love animals of some sort. And that’s a good thing for all parents as soft toys can be found in the shape of a wide variety of animals. There are for example toys that look like dogs, elephants, or even imaginary favourites such as unicorns and dragons. Regardless of preference, there will definitively be a matching soft toy for your kid. 

Don’t forget about rugs 

Adding a rug to your kid’s room is not only good for a splash of colour. It’s also a nice and comfortable way to warm up cold floors where your child can read or play with toys. Having said this, it’s also important to find a rug that sets a good tone for the room as it’s a significant piece that won’t go unnoticed. 

As with most things in a kid’s room, you can either opt for a rug with a certain theme that matches the rest of the room and your kid’s interest or something more simple as a striped cotton rug. Either option will work great, and rugs truly are a great way to add the finishing touch to any room. 

Kids room guide