Get a detailed account of the biggest fashion trends featured in the new WINTER LOOKBOOK.

42 majorly impactful outfits divided into three style categories. That is the basic setup for H&M Man’s seasonal lookbook release. The winter 2022 edition introduces the smart, casual, and street wardrobes in careful curation, offering instant inspiration and guidance on how to wear the new season’s fashion. 

View and shop the WINTER LOOKBOOK now or read on as we go into depth on the trends.



The REINVENTION of the menswear classics is the smart wardrobe theme, introducing iconic designs in fresh and elevated ways. This is especially apparent in the new direction for fits and materials: coats, overshirts, trousers, and knitwear are generously cut for an interesting play on proportions and come in soft tactile textures, some featuring stylish plaid or Fair Isle-inspired patterns. 
Simplicity is the key styling ingredient: to let the garments speak for themselves. An effortlessly elegant winter coat, refined workwear jacket, or well-cut tuxedo doesn't need any competition. Yet, this minimalist approach still allows for the unexpected, like a tiger-striped jumper worn with loose-fit faux leather trousers; or a western-inspired belt as the centrepiece of a pared-back rollneck knit and pleated trousers combo.  

Retro references are also important. Silhouettes that were hugely influential in the ‘70s, and again in the ‘90s, have been reimagined into looks that feel just as relevant today. Examples are the caramel velvet blazer worn with a matching rollneck, and flared maroon trousers; or the satin varsity bomber jacket paired with a floral shirt, and flared velvet slacks. 



This season, casual wear takes its style cues from the outdoors, channelling the EXPLORER. That means functionality and practicality are major inspirations, intermixed with classic workwear and British heritage influences. It’s a seamless merging of countryside aesthetics and city attitudes. 

Updated country staples like the waxed cotton jacket, jacquard-knitted jumper, padded quilt jacket, and gingham check flannel shirt have gained renewed relevance in fashion, and blend well with warming puffer jackets, utility cargo trousers, and relaxed worker jeans. As for accessories, a functional bucket hat, rib-knit beanie, and technical trainers ties it all nicely together. 

The silhouette is informed by modern streetwear, combining oversized uppers with loose-fit bottoms. However, the number one styling tip to consider from the casual lookbook is to work with contrasting textures in warming layers: think soft wool, corduroy, and pile together with technical nylon, and sturdy denim.



The NEW PREP theme is the biggest streetwear influence at the moment, bringing ‘90s fits, varsity graphics, and classic checks to the table. Hence, uni staples like the monogrammed bomber jacket, rugby sweatshirt, and tracksuit joggers all categorize as uncontested must-haves of the season.
The overall look is edgy and expressive, merging bold patterns (leo dots, zebra stripes, tie-dye) and materials (faux leather, pile, velour) with elements that are more traditional (classic tailoring, dressy shoes, plaid knitwear). The silhouette is unrestrictive and relaxed, involving streetwear staples like baggy jeans, loose-fitting sweatsuits, and oversized puffer jackets. 

There’s an almost anarchist attitude to the styling, which explores unconventional combinations like a plaid pyjama set worn with classic derby shoes; a plaid cardigan teamed with sweats and slippers; and a double-breasted blazer paired with zip-off joggers and chunky trainers. No rules is the only rule.

The WINTER LOOKBOOK is accessible at from November 17. All featured products will be ready to shop on launch day or in the following weeks.