When it comes to fashion, one of the main aspects that finishes a man’s ensemble is his choice of footwear. Whether you’re going to work, chilling with friends, attending a formal event, or simply relaxing at home, the right pair of shoes will help you create a statement and upgrade your style. With our wide range of shoes, you will undoubtedly stand out and elevate your outfits. Let’s discover the variety of shoes to ensure you’re prepared for any occasion.
For formal events, you can opt for the timeless Derby shoes that project sophistication and elegance. You can even get the chunky Derby for a twist in your look. For a more modern feel, you can try our minimalistic loafers that come in different colors, combining formal and casual.
When it comes to casual wear, sneakers have become a basic in wardrobes. With a range of designs and colors, they effortlessly pair with jeans, cargo, or trousers. You can also opt for the loafers for a laid-back look since as mentioned, they fit under both the casual and formal categories.
As for a hot summer day? Your go-to are our sandals and slippers. You can even enhance the look by going for the leather option. They provide unmatched comfort indoors and outdoors with a stylish hint.
Now let’s prepare for outdoor adventures! Classic leather boots add stability and a timeless appeal to your outfits, especially when paired with jeans. On the other hand, our sports shoes and sneakers are lightweight and are perfect for workouts, providing you with the necessary support and comfort.
If you’re looking for options to build your footwear collection, H&M has you covered with a variety of casual, formal, or sporty selections, keeping you ready for any type of occasion. The right pair of shoes can elevate your outfit so don’t be afraid to experiment and embrace your personal style.

When it comes to lingerie – a good-fitting bra can make all the difference.

Ranging from comfort, support, and even a hint of allure, H&M has you covered. Our wide selection of bras includes silk, lace, gentle jersey, bralettes, sports bras, push-ups, and so on. The first step to getting the right fit is having the correct measurements. Many women don’t know their correct size, which can give an unflattering look. Hence, getting the bust and cup sizes measured by experts is optimal to obtain the perfect look. Or you can explore H&M’s size guide for detailed steps to get your measurements.
For active women, our sports bras provide unmatching support during workouts. With absorbent fabric and adjustable straps, we have the perfect formula that can help you stay comfortable in your fitness journey and achieve your fitness goals.
As for a more lifted look – our push-up bras can give you a sexy look without eliminating the element of comfort. Discover our diverse selection of push-up and underwired bras.
If you’re looking for a more relaxed boho look, you can opt for our fun bralettes which come in different designs – padded, laced, wired, non-wired, and even push-ups! These soft bralettes are easy to wear every day.
At H&M, we understand that each woman has a unique taste, and we strive to cater to each. You can also complete your lingerie collection by shopping from our women’s underwear section.