From across the street to across the world - style inspiration can be found everywhere.

Enjoying fashion more sustainably doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. There's fashion inspiration in the people and places all around us. All we have to do is share what we wear.

Dad's got an old T-shirt? Cut it into your new crop top. Found a secondhand scarf? Turn it into a headband. Last season's coat? Make it this season's couture. Let's wear, care and recycle the clothes we love so they can be loved even longer.

And while we may be spread across countries and cultures, the importance of sharing cuts across all borders. Sharing what we have is a key part of closing the loop in fashion and helping the entire industry become more circular. When we all share with each other, everyone gets to enjoy fashion in a more sustainable way.

Did you know?

We're on track to only using recycled or other more sustainable materials by 2030. This already applies to 65% of the materials we use!

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